As all of you might have known, our blogging community has grown rapidly over the short span of just 4 years. We now have 170,000 blogs managed by you bloggers under our Malaysian community alone! With so many bloggers supporting our network, finding out what you love and what makes you tick is integral to cater to all your needs besides providing better social media solutions to advertisers who wish to engage you.
With that, we are proud to announce that we will be rolling out our very first and also the biggest social media study in Malaysia – Nom Nom Media’s Social Media Minds!
Nom Nom Media’s Social Media Minds is a study all about YOU – bloggers and social media influencers.
For that, we have teamed up with our sister company, the ever adorable birdy Churp Churp to compile a list of burning questions we need your response to for the study to be a success. There will be sections in this study covering your habits as a blogger, Twitterer, Facebook user, online shopper and of course as an influencer. On top of that, we would love for you to point out your favourite brands across all industries and share with us your perceptions of the social media scene.
The survey is made available to all for you to share your response; all are welcome to take part in this survey so do spread the word to your friends! Blog about it, tweet and shout about it because this is going to be huge! The results of this study would also published right here for all, because we’re sure that you would be interested to find out more about the growing social media scene in Malaysia yourself :)
There are a few ways to access this survey; you will notice a banner linking to the survey hovering at the bottom of the Nuffnang & Churp Churp websites.
Besides that, you may also reach the survey from the Nuffnang default banners that will be running on your blogs.
To spice things up a little, we are offering RM1 credit to your Nuffnang OR Churp Churp account if you are among the first 1,000 respondents to complete the survey. Better get started on it now Nuffnangers! Grab this opportunity to let your influence be recognized, your response will make a difference to the future campaigns of Nuffnang and Churp Churp! We look forward to hearing from you!