Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New hair la katakan...

how can I said!!! the change already pass

About 12 day just leaves before 2011 is celebrate,so i take this opportunity to cut my already hair...its for preparation on next year..hahaha,ye la sngt!!! ok Fine...So I said to the guys of cut hair stall that dont treat my hair so thin,what happend???when just I opened my eyes,ohh damn!!! so thin..btw how could i do,this was happend,I really mad in my heart..I really not said anything to the guy was treat my hair,just paid and leave as fast posibble....

I dont want show my newest hair cause really bad!!! ashamed,hahaha.ngade2nye..XD,I really miss my prevoius hair,how can i get back my hair..hahaha and i told you i'll definately regret it..hurmmmmmmm 
but i just don't know Y..
i still went to the hair saloon to cut my hair...
after this,biarlah rambut aku pnjg daripada sakit hati bile setiap kali tgk pada cermin...XB
''good words from me,listen bertindak sebelum berlaku'' hahaha this word has nothing to do with just I wrote,
now the already show 12.38 a.m,I still freshess,huhu
the best part when I wrote this entry,I just got new message from my 2nd sis,surprised!!!
then,our relationship more better than before cause just small matter,but I got to settel it..Alhamdulillah
okay2,I end my entry with beautiful words: care our relationship before it become broken and killed us :)

dikarang oleh nizam....


  1. hehe.
    okay la tu.
    rambut zami pun pernah buruk sbb terpotong pendek sgt.

  2. @hizamirahim

    haha...sme je la kite,XD


ade ker??

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