Friday, January 7, 2011



Wah!!! really not unexpected that my name was selected as the receiver for membership of KFC..its not the big reward actually but I really be grateful for this all...I enter some competition in kfc online,surprised today..the reward was sent direct to my house..haha XD,the contest about make your own best words to perform the theme of Kfc,so lucky my name had selected...if someone have this membership card,you can use it with every purchase of KFC products,and begin collecting points at more than 400 KFC outlets across Peninsular Malaysia.

Attached with this letter that i get,the Kfc boucher Rm30,haha so after this let's go to assail the KFC restaurant,Look this below :

just small reward....XD
after this must try again,tidak salah untuk mencubakan??? mne la tahu lpas ni menang 1st prize pulak ke..huhu
=.= usaha tangga kejayaan!!! untuk 2011 haha

dikarang oleh Nizam...
thanks so much KFC,now I love you!

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