Saturday, January 22, 2011


Believe it or not???da mcm cite kat tv3 tu jew,haha...tu la aku bergegas nak tulis blog nie sbab nak cite psal mse aku form 1,time tu english week,so have several activities had do such as spelling bee,public speaking,singing competition,writing essay and others...I got this oppurtanity to enter 2 activities like spelling bee and singing,as well you know,my name was selected in the final of spelling bee but the end finally I be deafeated ,nak buat mcm mne kan???ten I try the singging competition...wah the best part, teachers and other seniors praise at me,hehehe itu yg bla tu...Pantang dipuji sikit,mulala tu,hahaha XD

anyway,the winner not behalf on me but I got the 2nd place...hahaha,jdi la tpi markahnye dekat jew..x ksah pun
yg plg segan time nme dipanggil untuk terima hadiah kat atas pentas,other friends sound like''Boooo'' at me,I felt very ashmed,buat selambe je..huhuhu I singing song from westlife: If I like You Go,try this song...easy to memorise it and also best!

the certificate's singing competition:look this,hehe..

x berape jelas!

Dikarang oleh nizam...
semangat sbab esok nak outing!

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